How Can You Make Your Laboratory Work Flow More Efficient

Reasons To Have A Flask Scraper System

  1. ) Free up Laboratory Personnel

  2. ) Residue Is Typically Ground Into A Fine Powder

  3. ) Reduce The Use Of Lyophilization

  4. ) Quicker To The Next Step Of Development

  1. ) Pricing To Make Multiple Units Feasible

  1. ) Two Different Models => See Videos

  2. ) Three Dimentional Adjustment Capability

  3. ) Quick And Easy Set Up    Runs Unattended

  4. ) Capable Of Concentrating The Scraping Process

  •   To Specific Areas Of Stuborn Adhering Residue

  1. ) We Offer Add On Modules Designed To

  •   Accomodate Different Flask Sizes

Watch The Basic Principle Of Operation, The Two Options For Interior Magnets & How To Concentrate The Scraping Process To A Specific Area

Watch An Abreviated Complete Cycle

Video Of Early Proof Of Concept Testing

Scraper System Model: Base Mounted

Scraper System Model: Free Floating

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