Even though the NOVA CCSTM's scales stabilize very quickly due to the intense deionization process, Innovate has found that a significant amount of time can be saved by using machine vision as opposed to the traditional scale weighings.

The Concept for use of the Vision System

The Vision System first captures an image of the empty collector pin's shadow and determines the pixel count for that shadow's area. The Nova then makes a collection followed by the capturing of a second image of the loaded collector pin's shadow. And again, determines the pixel count of that shadow's area. Knowing that the compounds collect uniformly around the circumerence of the collector pin and knowing                               the weight collected and the change in                             pixel counts, a "weight to pixel                                 count" conversion factor is developed                       and used if additional collection attempts are required. The destination scale will make the ultimate determination as to the amount collected.


The future of dry compound management...

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