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  1. Take The Tedious Task of Compound Transfers Out of The Hands Of Talented People Allowing Them To Concentrate On More Challenging Tasks.

  2. Take Advantage Of The Nova's Paradox, Static Electricity, And Turn The Nightmare Of A Staticky Environment Experienced In Your Existing Compound Collection Process Into A Plus.

  3. The Nova Will Not Overwhelm Your Budget By Requiring The Modification or Replacement Of Existing Lab Ware.

  4. The Nova's Ability To Interface With Most Databases and/or Sample Management Scheduling Programs Facilitates Smoother Order Processing And Help Eliminate Record Keeping Errors. Orders Can Be Developed In The Database Which Can Then Direct The Nova To Fullfill Those Orders.

  5. Reliability And Robustness Makes The NovaCCSTM A Sound Investment. Only Returning To An Installation That Has Been Functioning Daily For Six Years, To Upgrade Software and Robot.

  6. Innovate Offers 24 Hour Remote Surveillance and Remote Crash Recovery Software. Software That Will Send Email Alerts To Designated Personnel Who Can Then Remotely Initiate Corrective Actions That Will Correct Issues And Allow Production to Continue Saving Valuable Time.

  7. Virtually No Product Loss During Collections With The NovaCCSTM Unlike Other Compound Transfer Systems.

  8. Cross-Contamination Is Eliminated With Disposable Collector Pins. Collector Pins That Are Disposed Of And Replaced Between Each Compound.

  9. The Nova's Intense De-Ionizing Process Achieves More Precise And Accurate Weights. Check Out Why.

Compound Collection System

Fully Automated Dry-Compound Collection and Weighing

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How The NovaCCSTM Can Revolutionize Your Compound Management Process.